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Why Should I Have To Buy A Toaster Oven?

Many people especially housewives haven’t got any chances to use a toaster oven, that is the reason why they don’t even know or having any thoughts about buying one and what’s its benefits. They often ask me the questions such as “Why do I have to buy a toaster oven?” or “What does it look like and what can I do with it?” To people who don’t know much about this kitchen appliance, the toaster oven is kind of a mini version of your toaster and your oven. Therefore you will have both of their functions in just a small device. In fact, this can be used to make many dishes as long as you know how to choose the best rated toaster oven and how to use it effectively. Read this post and select the best toaster oven for your needs.

best rated toaster oven

In this post, I will show you how to use the toaster oven in an effective way so as to save time and money and reduce the amount of energy consumed to protect the environment.

  1. Toaster Oven For The Best Dessert

To some housewife, cooking a whole meal is not a problem at all, but preparing the desserts and snacks is not their strength because of several reasons. They might be in short of the food type in this field or just simply because they don’t know how to make cakes or cookies from normal kitchen appliance.

Fortunately, this is one of the main reasons why the toaster oven is invented and introduced to customers. Now you don’t have to worry much about the problems with bread and desserts anymore because of this kitchen device. You can bake breads and desserts by this machine as a regular baker but fewer. It’s suitable to have them right before the dinner is done because of the taste and the heat inside the cake. Below are some of the most recent desserts I have prepared for my family just by using the toaster oven:

  • Bread (you can surely add flavors such as fruits or protein powders into the flour to make it more colorful and tasty. My kids love chocolate flavor so I add a little amount to make the bread loaf more attractive to them)
  • Cake (Apparently, you can’t do complicated kinds of cake, but a simple one is fine)
  • Cookies (Who doesn’t want some cookies after breakfast with a cup of warm milk or café?)
  • Muffins (Due to the size of the oven, you should you 6 – muffin – tin to fit into the internal space of the toaster oven)
  • Pie (Apple pie has always been something that irresistible after the meal)
  1. What Can Toaster Oven Do With The Potatoes?

Toaster Oven

According to the scientists, the potatoes contain large amount of glucose and other vitamins which are very good for keeping your health at high level. That’s the reason why potato gains popularity in any meal.

With the toaster oven, you can easily bake your potatoes perfectly without having to spend too much time. The sweet potatoes could be the best ingredients for this cuisine. You don’t have to prepare too much, just peel the skin, slice them and put into the oven. The natural sweet of this potato type is very suitable. In fact, you should look for some recipes so that you can know exactly the time and the temperature for baked potatoes.

  1. Cooking Fresh Food

You might think that this oven just can handle dry food like cakes, cookies or bread, but in fact, cooking fresh food is the strength of the toaster oven. However, because of the limitation in size, if you want to cook anything fresh, you should consider about the size of the slices or the pieces you are going to cook so as to make them cooked well. If the slice is not placed correctly, it can’t receive enough heat.

For example, if you want to cook chicken (toasting or baking), you can try 2 different ways to see how it works with the toaster oven. I’ve done both of them and here are the results: The first time, I leave the whole chicken and the second one I cut it into two halves and cook for 2 turns. It turns out to be better the second time because the chicken is cooked evenly, but it’s quite time consuming and energy wasting so you should put these 2 ways into consideration.