The Meanings of Headphone Specifications

The headphones rely completely on the whole specifications: speaker size, frequency, sensitivity and ohm impedance so that they can fit with the technologies and drivers of the speakers and lines. You can learn how to read this information to find the best headphones on market with a reasonable price. Best workout headphones might be what you enjoy while exercising.

Nowadays, along with the advancements of the needs in enjoying the music, the devices have a huge breakthrough in both sound quality and styles. Begin with the vinyl records then CD and now the evolution of digital formats from MP3, lossless to hi-res, hi – end technology sound devices appear more often with a large quantity and quality.

We might be stunned by a device because of its complex design, from music player applications to headphones that worth thousands of USD. All the specifications of a headphone are taken from the speaker. At first, the speaker was used only to maximize the sound, but when people pay attention to this type of sound application, the specifications of the speaker are introduced as a standard as well as introduce the products to users.

This article will explain the specifications that you might meet when choosing a headphone or a set of speakers. If you are a student who studies technology, you can have a better look at this in subjects like “Electric circuit 2” or “Productivity Amplify” especially with headphones.

#1. The specifications of a headphone


This is an example of an online store about a headphone with some basic specifications:

  1. Speaker size: the size of the speakers. According to the types of headphone, it could have a diversity of size. The largest is full – sized headphone and the smallest would be earphones. You should look for this information when you want to choose a headphone that suits your ears’ sizes. Headphones with the speakers’ size too big in comparison with your ears can’t give you the best listen experience.
  2. Power: the productivity of the headphone. They would often be very small with only 30mW. That’s why headphones can be compatible with almost every music player devices without worrying about the power.
  3. Frequency: The frequency that the headphone is working on. The lower the frequency is, the more details it could demonstrate. Normally, the possible band of frequency of human is from 20 to 20000 Hz. If the frequency is higher than that, we can’t hear the sounds, and neither can we hear the sounds with too low frequency (under 16Hz). According to me, this technical information is not important for customers because it doesn’t mean anything in your using processes.
  4. Sensitivity: it states how sensitive the headphone can be. If the sensitivity is high, you just need to volume up a little bit then the sound would be completely different. Basically, it’s about the amount of volume when you increase the sound volume.
  5. Ohm impedance: this specification allows us to know how loud the sounds could be, because of the electric block function of the speaker. We can use this to have to modifications on the headphone and know that whether we should buy an amplifier or not. Normally, headphones with ohm impedance below 60 Ohm are suitable for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, KTS… The larger ones with the value from 300 up to 600 Ohm should be used with a Head – Amp.

When considering the specifications, you need to know that a headphone doesn’t necessary need a high number of sensitivity. All the headphones are designed with standard specifications from manufacturers to compatible with the technologies and drivers applied on the products. Manufacturers who created this technology also take full responsibility of producing the headphone amps to boost up the effects of the headphone. All the specifications of the headphone will be optimized to the highest level to process the sound greatly.

#2. Head – Amp (Headphone Amplifier)

Headphone Amplifier

When using headphones on devices such as smartphones or laptops, that also means we are using a true headphone amplifier. Basically, “headphone amplifier” or “headphone – amp” is a low power magnifier that specially designed to optimize the productivities of headphones. Headphone – amps are often connected to music player devices through analog plugins or digital plugins, the main function of this part is to receive the signals from the music devices then boost the strength of the sounds up then emit them to the headphone by jacks or XLR.

Just like other technology products, the best thing you have to remember when choosing headphone – amp is put the detailed specifications in consideration. This will help you have a look at the quality of the products as well as assure the compatibility of the headphone – amp to your headphones.