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How to Repair the Record Player at Home

How to repair the record player at home

The invention of the record player in many years ago contributed to the great success of the music. Many people can enjoy the sweet sound on a turntable at home. Depending on your budget, you can choose the expensive record player or buy it from the record player for sale. Normally, the functions are the same. However, with the best one, its life is longer than the cheap record player or the old one. After using a long time, most of the turntable will have some problem. You can bring it to the turntable shop where the technical staffs will know how to repair it. In some simple cases, you also can study some tips to repair your turntable at home. Now, I will introduce how to repair a record player at home. I believe that what a pity if you ignore this writing when you are using a turntable.

Two Basic Concepts of The Record Player

The vinyl records and the turntables were invented to help the human enjoy the music. It is a source of music before the human knows cassettes, CDs, and MP3 players. Although you can not use the fast forwarding or the rewinding option in the vinyl record and the turntables you must listen to all parts of this song. And then, it will move to the next song. So you have a chance to listen to all great tunes in a song. Generally, it is a big advantage of a record player.

  1. Vinyl Record

Actually, the vinyl record is constantly upgraded to increase the number of songs on each record. This is showed through some new inventions as follows:

  • In 1948, the introduction of 33s will rotate 33 times per minutes. It means that our record can play within 25 minutes of music.
  • In 1949, the introduction of 45s can rotate 45 times per minutes. However, each record only has a song. So the song is very long. It is very suitable for those who have a favorite song.
  • In 1950, the introduction of 78s can rotate 78 times per minutes. And it only takes 5 minutes of music.

Basically, most of the users want to use the 33s and 45s more than 78s.

  1. Turntables

The record will be put on the turntable. Most of the turntable will be made from the rubber or the good plastic to prevent any scratched to the record. The middle of the turntable will have a spindle. The record will base on this spindle to place in the right position. Your record player can operate thanks to the needle. The needle will touch the record, get the vibration and convert into the sound waves. Thus, this small needle is considered the most important component of a record player.

How to Repair A Record Player at Home

As you know your record player sometimes also has some problem which you need to repair it. Nowadays, finding out a famous shop about the record player is not easy and you will feel more difficult to have the replacement parts which you are satisfied with your record player. Here are some basic tips which you should know such as:

Tip 1: Repairing A Non-spinning Turntable

During using a record player, the turntable does not spin. How do you do in this situation? You can refer some following corrective measures:

  • Firstly, you can check or fix the motor because sometimes your record player has some light collisions and leading to the non-spinning turntable. Therefore, you can adjust it;
  • Or it is a cause of losing wire. At this time, you can check all related wires.

Tip 2: Relating to Sound Problem


When your turntable is working you can not hear any sound coming out of this record player. You should think about the problem at the needle. Moreover, it can be the cause of stylus. In this case, it is better to turn off your record player before starting check these parts. During checking, you should correct carefully because it can affect other parts seriously.

Tip 3: Handling Crackling Sounds

You still hear the sound from the turntable but it has the crackling sounds. Normally, the dust on the turntable will be the main reason in this case. So you must gently clean the turntable carefully to remove it. In addition, you also check the tone-arm if it is not balanced. All of these solutions can help you improve the crackling sounds effectively.

In conclusion, when using the record player you should know and understand how to work on this device. Besides, you should collect some necessary tips to repair the record player at home. I make sure that you are not only to save time and money but also to feel more excited after you repair a record player by yourself, read more to get amazing tips. This information is really useful which you need to have.