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Cooking Guidance – How to Have an Actual Meal


Eating is the necessity of each person. A large number of people eat to live and against. However, whatever you eat to live or live to eat, you are not able to lack foods. It was forced why do you choose the best foods to eat? It sounds good, doesn’t it? You do not necessarily have the best rice cookers, but you need to have a good meal. You should not neglect the eating. Your meals in the day didn’t need to have Chef Boyardee, Tuna or even Ramen noodles. By a few basic recipes, you are able to cook a simple and delicious meal for your family that does not take much time.

Cooking Guidance – How to Have an Actual Meal

  1. To break out of fear

This is also one tip, isn’t this? That’s right! Fear can obstruct your talent, cooking too. A great number of people think that they do not know how to cook, so they do not cook. Nevertheless, why do you know how to ride a bike or car? Of course, that no one was born can know these objects immediately. If you want to know, you must learn. To do something well, you must begin to do it. At the first, you will be difficult to be able to succeed. You have to take a moment to do something well, cooking too. Therefore, to want to become a good cook, let’s come in the kitchen right now!

  1. To equip cooking tools

Of course, to cook a delicious meal, you need to have to have several cooking tools. It mentions to cooking tools which have countless. Therefore, you can consult and equip a few essential cooking tools below before starting to cook:

  • Cookware


There is a cooking kit which includes pots, pans (frying pan, sauce, baking pan), knives and utensils (big spoon, fork, bowls, whisk, spatula, and chopping board). For cookware product reviews, be sure to check out today.

  • Bakeware

This cooking kit includes pans (baking sheet pan, roasting pan and muffin pan) and utensils (spoons, rolling pin, rubber spatula and measuring cups).

  1. To learn several basic terms

For beginners, if you want to follow the recipes, you need to have to know several basic terminologies.


  • Parboil: you must simmer the food in fat or liquid until the food almost cooked.
  • Simmer: at 180ºF (~ 82ºC), this temperature is lower than parboil. You need to cook the food submerged in liquid. From the bottom, it has many bubbles, but the surface is the opposite. It is pretty quiet.
  • Boil: the food is cooked in liquid or water at a high temperature (100ºC or over). Both the surface and bottom have many bubbles.
  • Reduce: you only need to boil or even simmer the liquid with low-temperature through evaporation.
  • Braise: you only cook with liquid (a small amount) in the low-temperature.
  • Poach: the liquid totally covers the food at the temperature from 71ºC to 82ºC (~ 160ºF – 180ºF). Even though it also appears bubbles at the bottom, but it does not cause undisturbed.
  • Roast: there is a cooked method of heating. The food is often processed in the enclosed space. There is an oven, or microwave, for example. The meat is usually processed by this way.
  • Broil: you will have to cook the food at the high-temperature. It is the meat, for instance.
  • Cook: there is a way to change the food, by the way, you will use heat during a period of time.
  • Peel: you need to strip the outer skin like orange, grapefruit, and so on.
  • Cube: you will cut the food into a cube shape about ½ – 1 inch.
  • Dice: there is also a cube shape, but it is about ¼ inch in comparison with the cube.
  • Mince: you need to cut the food into pieces. You can use a knife, food blender or grinder.
  • Julienne: you must cut vegetables or meat into thin pieces.
  • Strips: you will have to cut into narrow and long pieces.
  • Puree: you need to mash the cooked food into a fine powder. People often put it into a food blender.
  • Sift: through a fine sieve, you will have to shake it.
  • Strain: through a cheesecloth or sieve, you will separate the liquid from out solid.
  • Coat: you will cover the surface of the food by other substances.
  • Dust: the recipe will often require sprinkling a little sugar, or flour on the surface of the food.
  • Barbecue: you need to utilize coals or electric oven in order to perform this method.
  • Grill: you will cook the food with heat from below.
  • Blanch: the food is plunged into the boiled water; then, you will begin to cook from 10 – 20% in comparison with cooked.

In brief, cooking is the process. You ought to know that no one can cook well at the first times. After equipping the best rice cookers, you have a perfect cooking kit. At present, you could pocket several cooking terms for yourself. You can begin to cook a delicious meal that does not still feel scared. Let’s begin from the simple recipes.